Jan 21, 2010

The Revival Of Mormon Stories And More About That Ever Elusive Stage 5

In case you've missed it, John Dehlin has revived the popular podcasts, Mormon Stories. For more information about that, see John's latest post on Mormon Matters.

But while John is busy putting together more podcasts, make sure to check out the latest Mormon Expression podcast, where John Dehlin guest panels, about that ever elusive Fowler's Stage 5 of faith and what it means to Mormonism. It's a great podcast -- one of the best I've ever heard, in fact.

So check it out!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that and I am really excited. It's funny because I just discovered it a couple months ago and as I was listening to his podcasts I was thinking man this is great stuff, too bad he shut down. Then the other day I got back on the site and saw the message about starting it back up.

Anonymous said...

Just got access to a computer that has a communications speed that makes streaming practical and listened to the John Hamer two-parter. It had stuff about the early role of the High Councils I hadn't even known about my own church, so I was really impressed.