Nov 12, 2008

Telling Satan Where To Go

This may sound like an odd question, but do you ever talk to Satan? Not like in a "Tuesdays with Morrie" or a taunting "Come and get me!" type of way, but more like, "Satan, go to Hell!" (which I guess is pretty convenient for him.)

My mom was out jogging a few days ago. It had been a stressful few weeks with some tension in the family and all the mental and physical stress of getting my younger brother ready to go on his mission to Argentina (he just left yesterday). Things are better now, but at the moment she was out running, she was mentally praying for the strength that she needed to get through these difficult weeks. As well, she had a bit of a freaky encounter that was a reminder of what we're all up against.

Although she would never pray to Satan or have a conversation with him, she certainly tells him off. Basically, she said something along the lines of "I know you're out there and you're not gonna get me or my family! So get lost!" And just as she rounded the bend at that moment, a big snake was sprawled out right in the middle of the trail. The freaky part is that first of all, snakes aren't usually out in November in Canada, especially on this particularly cold day. Second of all, the snake she saw wasn't one of those common garter snakes that we all run into occasionally. Based on her description, I think it was a northern water snake, which I've rarely seen, and whenever I have they've been during the summer in the water. Thirdly, snakes are usually freaked out by people, but this one just looked at her and twitched a bit, almost tauntingly. Strangely, my mom didn't freak out, but remained calm and simply stepped over the snake, not daring to look back.

So, just a coincidence to the skeptic, perhaps. But I take it to be more of a reminder of a reality that most of us prefer not to think about.

Has anyone else had any freaky encounters of this sort?


G said...

oohhh, you almost make a believer of me!

cyclingred said...

Freaky encounters with snakes or satan? :) I have had a few with snakes.

The Faithful Dissident said...

With Satan. I actually like snakes and usually like to try to pick them up. :) (Only because there weren't any poisonous ones where I'm from.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, yes that's a bit scary to say the least. That certainly would have been a wake up call for me. Never had anything like that happen to me.

Natasha said...

Wow. That's cool.

Yes, I'm in Canada and have never seen more than a garter snake in my life.

And yes, I've told Satan to piss off before, too. When I was listening to The Screwtape Letters on an Audible download, especially.

Anonymous said...
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