Mar 31, 2008

Danzig vs. Bloggers

I'm just throwing out a question out there to all of you. Feel free to answer if you like.

When one compares someone like Danzig to some of us bloggers who express our views on a variety of different subjects, what's the difference? Is it merely because he went to the newspaper and signed his name or is there more to it? If we were to all post our names and addresses on our individual blogs, would we be getting a summons to the Bishop's court?

I honestly think that most of us have the best intentions at heart. I can only speak for myself, but I think that like me, most are curious and confused and need to talk about things in order to clear the air or just get it off their chests. Blogging can also help us gain insight and perspective that we wouldn't have necessarily gotten on our own. I would never want or mean to be irreverant, but I think it's important for members to really think about things, ask questions, perhaps even debate a little.

I'm very curious about how this works.


Johnna said...

I think the fact Danzig identified himself as a member of the Orchestra at Temple Square was a big factor. Right now it seems you give up your right to dissent and debate if you're a bishop, or work indirectly for the church in some position requiring a temple recommend.

DMI Dave said...

Yeah, I think Danzig wasn't just throwing an opinion out there, he was trying to Make a Statement. Citing the Orchestra, an LDS-sponsored group, to bolster his credibility in criticizing LDS positions was also a problem (if his desire was to avoid stirring up trouble for himself).